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New York Bagel at the corner of City and Haverford Avenues IS Kosher

January 8, 2016

There is a new bagel store at 4514 City Ave. It is called New York Bagel & Cafe. It is not under our supervision.  Please don’t confuse it with NY Bagel at Haverford and City which is under our supervision. These two stores are not connected in any way. Please use our web-site to keep up with any Kashrus alerts. 


Unauthorized Use of Kashrus Symbols and Mislabeled Dairy Products

January 4, 2016

Unauthorized use of kashrus symbols is a serious problem.  If something seems suspicious you should investigate before eating it.

Valley Fresh IQF Whole Blackberries – available in the Greater Philadelphia area – bear an unauthorized OK.  Blackberries and raspberries are two fruits that are almost impossible to clean of infestation.

Some 7-11 stores have been displaying an OK symbol in a manner that may cause a consumer to believe that all of the drinks or Slurpees or other items are under the supervision of the OK.  In actuality it is certain syrups that they use which are under OK supervision.  The supervision does not extend beyond the specific syrups that are certified by the OK.

Johnny Walker Black Label, manufactured by is not certified kosher by the OK even if bearing the OK symbol.

Dairy items are often labeled with the symbol of the kashrus agency, but the D designation for “Dairy” is not included.  It is advisable to check ingredient panels for obviously dairy ingredients such as milk, butter, cheese, and whey; as well as the less obvious ingredients such as lactose, casein, sodium casseinate, and lactic acid (lactic acid may be non-dairy synthesized).  It is permissible to eat Parve foods that were made on dairy equipment without waiting six hours (or your customary wait time).


Sweet Peppers – from Israel in our area

December 31, 2015

Sweet peppers from Israel are being sold at Giant and other stores.  At this time most of the large red peppers are from Israel.  Unless you are familiar with the procedures for removing the teruma and maaser you should not purchase these peppers.  Please check all produce before you buy it.  Tomatoes, peppers, dates, clementines, and other items are imported from Israel.  The Israeli agricultural cooperatives export the produce that has halocha issues because it is difficult to sell that produce in Israel.  Please support the Israeli economy by purchasing supervised products.

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Snapple and Other Soft Drinks

November 24, 2015

Most Snapple drinks are supervised by the OK.  Please check for the supervision as not all types are supervised – such as cranberry raspberry .

Many soft drinks have white grape juice added as a natural sweetener, and some processing equipment in  bottling plants is used for heating unkosher ingredients.  It is important to check that drinks have proper supervision.  We supervise the entire local Pepsi plant and all of their products.

You may check the Star-K website for a comprehensive list of soft drinks as well as alcoholic beverages.  The major kashrus agencies have embarked on an analysis of alcoholic beverages with the goal of expanding on the list of permitted drinks.

Cholov Yisroel / Pas Yisroel

July 2, 2015

Please note: The teudos (certificates of certification) state if an establishment is “Cholov Yisroel” and/or “Pas Yisroel”.  This can be viewed on the certificate displayed in the establishment as well as on the online certificate.

Infestation Policies

The degree and type of infestation depend on the source of the produce and are also seasonal.   The major kashrus organizations communicate with one another in order to remain current.


Brussel Sprouts / Asparagus and other vegetables

A number of Mashgichim experimented with Brussel Sprouts and asparagus for a year.  They found that wherever they grew and at whichever season Brussel Sprouts were highly infested.  Only Brussel Sprouts grown in an insect free environment should be used.   On the other hand, white asparagus are very clean and may be used without checking.  … Continued

Parshas VaYishlach – Ways of Peace

Parshas VaYishlach – Ways of Peace One of our most important needs is Shalom, peace. The culmination of the Tefilla of Shmohah Esrei is either “Sim Shalom” or “Shalom Rav”, and we end both the Tefilla of “Elokai Netzor” and Kaddish with the entreaty of “Oseh Shalom”. Even the Brocha given by the Kohanim, called … Continued

Shmita Produce – Avoid from… to…-

The Star-K compiled the following list to alert the consumer of the “Shmita-dates” for various forms of Israeli produce.  Produce which is not certified should be avoided during the times listed.   Please do not hesitate to purchase Israeli produce with a reliable kosher certification. Almond (Dry)-Beginning of Sep. 2015-Middle of Sep. 2016 Almond (Green) -Beginning of May 2015-Middle … Continued


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