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Joy Cone Chocolatey Dipped Ice Cream Cones – Dairy Alert

April 26, 2016

Please be advised that Chocolatey Dipped Ice Cream cones, manufactured by Joy Cone, Hermitage, PA, bear an unauthorized STAR-K Pareve symbol. The cones are Dairy, non-Cholov Yisroel.


Infestation Alert from the COR (Toronto)

Infestation Alert from the COR (Toronto)

Lieber’s crushed tomatoes for Pesach should be checked for small white worms.  As of this time it is not known if they have been found in the UISA as well.

Stores from which Chometz may be purchased after Pesach:

April 19, 2016

Stores from which Chometz may be purchased after Pesach:

Acmes, Giant [Ahold Group],  ShopRite Roosevelt Blvd., Save a Lots, CVS-s, Rite-Aids, Trader Joes, Walgreens, Walmarts, K-Marts, Petcos, Petsmarts, and BJs, and Whole Foods.

Quick turnover items may be purchased at any major store two weeks after Pesach.  Slower turnover items may be purchased four weeks after Pesach.

Food items which may contain an insignificant amount of Chometz may be purchased at any store after Pesach.

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Infestation Alert from the COR (Toronto)

April 26, 2016

Infestation Alert from the COR (Toronto)

Lieber’s crushed tomatoes for Pesach should be checked for small white worms.  As of this time it is not known if they have been found in the UISA as well.

Great News! Wynnewood Giant – Two Kosher Bakeries!

April 14, 2016

IY”H during the beginning of May 2016 Giant Wynnewood will open a second kosher bakery.  One will be Pas Yisroel-Pareve and one will be Pas Yisroel-Dairy.  Everything baked at Giant Wynnewood will be Pas Yisroel and supervised by the Keystone-K.  All bread, rolls, bagels, and Challah bread will be Pareve.   All other products should be considered Dairy unless the label states Pareve.  Strawberries will be cleaned in accordance with the Keystone-K policies. 

Please check for our symbol on the baked goods.  If a product baked in the bakery is marked with a plain K that means that it meets our kashrus standards, but it was baked by non-Jews on Shabbos. 


March 3, 2016

The following are recommended (but not under our supervision) at any Starbucks:  Americano [with paper cup, without “shot” glass], bottled Starbucks drinks with “KD”, Expresso [with paper cup, without “shot” glass], and tea with hechsher [paper cup].  Rav Heinemann of the Star-K researched Starbucks.   Keystone-K disseminates information based upon our own research and that of the national kashrus agencies.  It is not the position of the Keystone-K to usurp the position of your rabbi and poseik.  The results of the research and the reasoning behind it may be viewed at:

Some people make the mistake of assuming that everything in an establishment is kosher if they see observant people in the establishment.  Starbucks is a clear example of the error of this assumption.  While some items are acceptable, others are not.

Snapple and Other Soft Drinks

November 24, 2015

Most Snapple drinks are supervised by the OK.  Please check for the supervision as not all types are supervised – such as cranberry raspberry .

Many soft drinks have white grape juice added as a natural sweetener, and some processing equipment in  bottling plants is used for heating unkosher ingredients.  It is important to check that drinks have proper supervision.  We supervise the entire local Pepsi plant and all of their products.

You may check the Star-K website for a comprehensive list of soft drinks as well as alcoholic beverages.  The major kashrus agencies have embarked on an analysis of alcoholic beverages with the goal of expanding on the list of permitted drinks.

Cholov Yisroel / Pas Yisroel

July 2, 2015

Please note: The teudos (certificates of certification) state if an establishment is “Cholov Yisroel” and/or “Pas Yisroel”.  This can be viewed on the certificate displayed in the establishment as well as on the online certificate.

Infestation Policies

The degree and type of infestation depend on the source of the produce and are also seasonal.   The major kashrus organizations communicate with one another in order to remain current.


The White Knight and Kashrus

One of the counterintuitive ordinances of the “metzora” (“leper”) is that one who is afflicted from head to toe, completely white, is considered pure, while on the day that a small amount of normal flesh is found on his body he becomes impure.   Is it possible for us to find any message in this curious … Continued

Brussel Sprouts / Asparagus and other vegetables

A number of Mashgichim experimented with Brussel Sprouts and asparagus for a year.  They found that wherever they grew and at whichever season Brussel Sprouts were highly infested.  Only Brussel Sprouts grown in an insect free environment should be used.   On the other hand, white asparagus are very clean and may be used without checking.  … Continued

Parshas VaYishlach – Ways of Peace

Parshas VaYishlach – Ways of Peace One of our most important needs is Shalom, peace. The culmination of the Tefilla of Shmohah Esrei is either “Sim Shalom” or “Shalom Rav”, and we end both the Tefilla of “Elokai Netzor” and Kaddish with the entreaty of “Oseh Shalom”. Even the Brocha given by the Kohanim, called … Continued


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