Kosher Birds and Character Development

The mitzvos (commandments) of kashrus are “chukim” (decrees). Our observance of these mitzvos, without definite knowledge of their reasons, demonstrates our obedience to the commands of G-d. As the prophet Shmuel told King Shaul, heeding the word of HaShem (G-d) is even more precious than bringing a choice offering (Samuel I Chapter 15).  With this … Continued

Good Neighbors

Since the reasons for the mitzvos are not immediately apparent, they are called chukim (decrees). Not only do the chukim attest to our loyalty to HaShem but, even more-so they bear witness to the great love B’nai Yisroel (the Jewish People)  have for HaShem (G-d), for we follow HaShem’s commands with joy, whether we understand … Continued

Cholov Yisroel / Pas Yisroel

Please note: The teudos (certificates of certification) state if an establishment is “Cholov Yisroel” and/or “Pas Yisroel”.  This can be viewed on the certificate displayed in the establishment as well as on the online certificate.

Israeli Produce – Shmita, Terumos, and Maasros

It is a mitzva and a privilege to support the Israeli economy and to eat the produce of Eretz Yisroel which has many mitzvos attached to it.  During the Shmita year and the following year special caution is required.  During any other years terumot and maasrot must be properly removed.  Those foods which have a reliable hechsher … Continued

Infestation Policies

The degree and type of infestation depend on the source of the produce and are also seasonal.   The major kashrus organizations communicate with one another in order to remain current.