Alcoholic Beverages Alert

  A number of Kashrus agencies pooled their knowledge base to compile a recommended list of alcoholic beverages.  Unfortunately a Jewish newspaper made a typesetting error which transferred more than 10 not recommended drinks to the recommended list.  The correct list may be accessed through the Keystone-k Dropbox link below, or from the CRC website. … Continued

Ferrara Pan Candies – Atomic Fireballs etc.

Please check for the UMK symbol.  The UMK sent an alert that those Ferrara Pan Candies (Atomic Fireballs, Redhots, Lemonheads, etc.) that do not bear the UMK symbol (a logo with a K in the center, an M above and a U below) are not recommended.  These candies are often included with “shlach manos”.

Dairy Products without a “D” Designation

The most prevalent type of Kashrus mislabeling is the inadvertently dropped Dairy designation.  It is recommended that you check unfamiliar products that have a Kosher Symbol without any Dairy or Parve designation for milk, whey, butter, casein, lactose, and lactic acid (which may be either dairy or parve).  In cases of uncertainty you should feel free to … Continued

Jolly Ranchers

Snack size Jolly Rancher Bites and Twizzlers Bites (in the 9.1 oz. packaging), distributed by the Hershey Company, contains 3 varieties of candies: non-Kosher Jolly Rancher Bites Filled Gummies – Watermelon, Green Apple & Cherry (.7 ox size) together with 2 other “O/U” certified varieties: Twizzlers Bites Mixed Berry and Jolly Rancher Bites Soft Chews.  … Continued