Hershey – Snack Size Jolly Ranchers / Twizzlers

Snack size Jolly Rancher Bites and Twizzlers Bites (in the 9.1 oz. packaging), distributed by the Hershey Company, contains 3 varieties of candies: non-Kosher Jolly Rancher Bites Filled Gummies – Watermelon, Green Apple & Cherry (.7 ox size) together with 2 other “O/U” certified varieties: Twizzlers Bites Mixed Berry and Jolly Rancher Bites Soft Chews.  The … Continued

Triple Washed Vegetables

It is the policy of the Keystone-K as well as the other major agencies that triple washed leafy vegetables must have the supervision of a reliable kashrus agency.   Triple washed leafy vegetables that bear one of the major reliable supervisions may be used.  The same brand may be found with and without a hechsher at the … Continued

The White Knight and Kashrus

One of the counterintuitive ordinances of the “metzora” (“leper”) is that one who is afflicted from head to toe, completely white, is considered pure, while on the day that a small amount of normal flesh is found on his body he becomes impure.   Is it possible for us to find any message in this curious … Continued