Great News! Wynnewood Giant – Two Kosher Bakeries!

Giant Wynnewood has opened a second kosher bakery.  One is Pas Yisroel-Pareve and one is Pas Yisroel-Dairy.  Everything baked at Giant Wynnewood is Pas Yisroel and supervised by the Keystone-K.  High Pas Yisroel standards are in place.  All bread, rolls, bagels, and Challah bread are Pareve.  All other products should be considered Dairy unless the label … Continued

Produce Junction – Teruma and Maaser Alert

Produce Junction (and many other stores and outlets) carry Israeli produce.  According to US law retailers are supposed have either stickers on the produce or signage which identifies the place or origin.  Israeli produce is usually labeled Israel, though sometimes it is unfortunately labeled “Palestine”.   Sources of produce can change on a daily basis, so … Continued