Kashrus Alerts

O/U: Golpar Dried Mulberries The O/U does not certify Golpar Dried Mulberries (or any other Golpar brand products).  This product bears an unauthorized O/U.  Consumers who see this product in the marketplace should please contact the O/U Kosher hotline at (212) 613-8241 or on line at kosher@ou.org. Please note that it is nearly impossible to … Continued

Some Laws of Separating Challah

Instant Fresh Baked Challah Many families purchase ready-made challos that just need to be put into the oven and baked.  Who separates the Challah?  Based upon research – the bakery separates the Challah.  Since the bakery might keep the amount of dough which is obligated in Challah the obligation is the bakery’s. Shiur (Amount) Only … Continued

Morah – Let’s Make Challah!

Many teachers make Challah with their students, which they divide and send home.  Does Challah need to be separated?  If the dough is baked before distribution, Challah is separated.  If the teacher does not bake the challah, but sends it home as dough – and no portion of the dough contains the amount of “Challah” (2 lb. … Continued