New Kashrus Administrator – Rabbi Yonah Gross

Dear Community Members,    On behalf of Community Kashrus of Greater Philadelphia (Keystone-K), we wish a heartfelt Tzeischem L’shalom to Rabbi and Mrs. Eisemann who will be making Aliyah this coming May. Six years ago we engaged Rabbi Eisemann to fill the role of our first full-time Kashrus Administrator. During this time he worked tirelessly to assure … Continued

Pesach Information – (Shopping with your Eyes Wide Open)

1-  Many stores carry products with kitniyos (“legumes”) or egg matzah.  Please check ingredients and follow your custom.  These items are a great convenience for the days before Pesach, as you can give them to your children to eat and you don’t have to worry about them leaving the crumbs around the house.  Even those … Continued