PESACH FOOD AVAILABLE from the following establishments

Chef Daniel Israel Kosher Catering Philadelphia AND  Deluxe Catering Philadelphia Taking orders for Pesach   House of Kosher – Extensive Pesach menu available.   A la Karte A la Karte is serving our community in this times of uncertainty with Kosher L’Pesach foods at the highest standards of supervision and quality. This is our first time, in … Continued

Keystone-K Updated Coronavirus status information from the establishments that have reported to us so far.

Keystone-K Updated information from the establishments that have reported to us so far.   We plan to share updates on our web-site with the community regarding the status of our establishments as the information becomes available.  We would appreciate it if our establishments keep us posted so that we can share updated information with the … Continued

Kosher for Pesach 2020 – Tequila

KA Kosher of Mexico KFP Tequila List The following are Kosher for Passover under KA-Kosher (Rav Hamachshir Rav Chaim Cohn shlit”a) no symbol required LIST OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES  APPROVED FOR PESACH 5780   TEQUILA TEQUILA 100% DON EDUARDO BLANCO. TEQUILA ANTIGUO DE HERRADURA BLANCO 100% AGAVE TEQUILA EL JIMADOR BLANCO 100% AGAVE TEQUILA HACIENDA DEL … Continued

Ferrara Candies / Atomic Fireballs & Jawbreakers

There has been much kashrus confusion with Ferrara candies over the years.  These candies are popular in Mishloach Manos.  To avoid kashrus errors I suggest relying only on Atomic Fireballs and Jawbreakers that have the printed UMK supervision.  Due to many cases of confusion, misinformation, and mislabeling I recommend not using other Ferrara products even … Continued