Ovens on Yom Tov – Sabbath Mode

Many of the newer ovens have a “Yom Tov Mode” (usually referred to as Sabbath mode). Many of these models carry Star-K certification. Please call the Star-K office if you have questions about these ovens. The Star-K has technical experts on staff that are familiar with the specific models. You should speak to your own … Continued

Pure Honey / Specialty Honeys

Please be aware the “Forest honey”, “Honeydew Honey” and “Beechwood Honey”, refer to honey produced by bees that have consumed the nectar from aphids.  They should be avoided.   Some honey blends contain these varieties, which would be identified on the product’s ingredients label.  Please check your honey to ensure that these varieties are not listed. Note:  … Continued


Please note Pam butter flavor is in the process of adding a dairy ingredient to the BUTTER flavored Pam.  Please check when purchasing. Please check Snapple bottles for the OK. Fruit Punch and Cranberry Raspberry are not kosher certified.  

Great News! Wricley Nut Products

We are pleased to announce that Wricley Nut Products at 480 Pattison Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19148 is now a 100% kosher production facility.  All products which bear our seal are Kosher. If they are marked with the word Dairy or a D they are Dairy Cholov Stam.   All Parve products are prepared on a dedicated separate Parve … Continued

Something’s Fishy / Snake-oil Salesmen

One of the major modern challenges in the field of Kashrus is that the business world has become more sophisticated and has developed hard to detect means of deception.  While the Kashrus agencies make use of modern technology in the observance of Kashrus, unscrupulous manufacturers make use of modern technology to increase their profits through … Continued


The following are recommended (but not under our supervision) at any Starbucks:  Americano [with paper cup, without “shot” glass], bottled Starbucks drinks with “KD”, Expresso [with paper cup, without “shot” glass], and tea with hechsher [paper cup].  Rav Heinemann of the Star-K researched Starbucks.   Keystone-K disseminates information based upon our own research and that of the national … Continued

Kashrus Alerts

O/U: Golpar Dried Mulberries The O/U does not certify Golpar Dried Mulberries (or any other Golpar brand products).  This product bears an unauthorized O/U.  Consumers who see this product in the marketplace should please contact the O/U Kosher hotline at (212) 613-8241 or on line at kosher@ou.org. Please note that it is nearly impossible to … Continued

Some Laws of Separating Challah

Instant Fresh Baked Challah Many families purchase ready-made challos that just need to be put into the oven and baked.  Who separates the Challah?  Based upon research – the bakery separates the Challah.  Since the bakery might keep the amount of dough which is obligated in Challah the obligation is the bakery’s. Shiur (Amount) Only … Continued