New Kashrus Administrator – Rabbi Yonah Gross

Dear Community Members,    On behalf of Community Kashrus of Greater Philadelphia (Keystone-K), we wish a heartfelt Tzeischem L’shalom to Rabbi and Mrs. Eisemann who will be making Aliyah this coming May. Six years ago we engaged Rabbi Eisemann to fill the role of our first full-time Kashrus Administrator. During this time he worked tirelessly to assure … Continued

Lieber’s Chocolate Bits

Some packages of Lieber’s Chocolate Bits have mini-bits mixed in.  These mini-bits have a lighter appearance than the regular size bits.  The mini-bits were mixed in by mistake, however, they are both kosher and Parve.  The mini-bits are coffee flavored.  They do not contain milk.

Keystone-K – Nana’s Kitchen – Narberth – Great News!

Keystone-K – Nana’s Kitchen – Narberth – Great News!   IY”H beginning January 8, 2020 Nana’s Kitchen – Narberth, 109 N Narberth Ave., Narberth, PA, will be be opening at this new location.  Pas Yisroel and Cholov Yisroel.  will be available by request only.                  

Keystone-K Timely Kashrus Information

Now that cooler weather is upon us there are a number of Kashrus issues to be mindful of:   The cool weather tends to lower the amount of insect infestation of local produce, however, much of the available produce is imported.  Mexico and other warm climates tend to have an above average incidence of infestation.  … Continued

Wines, Beers, and other “Hard” Drinks

One of the especially satisfying aspects of my Kashrus work is seeing how the major Kashrus agencies pool their resources and expertise to serve the Kosher consumer.  The major Kashrus agencies belong to AKO, which is an umbrella Kashrus organization.  AKO promotes Kashrus by facilitating the cooperation of the major agencies and supporting the work … Continued

Hershey – Snack Size Jolly Ranchers / Twizzlers

Snack size Jolly Rancher Bites and Twizzlers Bites (in the 9.1 oz. packaging), distributed by the Hershey Company, contains 3 varieties of candies: non-Kosher Jolly Rancher Bites Filled Gummies – Watermelon, Green Apple & Cherry (.7 ox size) together with 2 other “O/U” certified varieties: Twizzlers Bites Mixed Berry and Jolly Rancher Bites Soft Chews.  The … Continued