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 This project supported through a grant

from the Justin P. Altman President’s Fund

of The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia.


~ Pillar 2017~

~ Builder 2017 ~

Rabbi & Mrs. Naftoli Eisemann

In memory of Rabbi Aharon Felder zt”l

Rabbi & Rebbetzin Avraham Shmidman

In appreciation of Rabbi Naftoli Eisemann

Dr. and Mrs. David Eckmann

Les Spero

In memory of Moshe Dovid ben Avrohom Osher

~ Supporter 2017~

Leta Borck

By the Borck and Schwartz Families:
L’ilui Nishomos: Feivel Yosef ben Chaim Leib, Mariam bas Pinchas, Yehuda Zev ben Feivel Yosef

Belinda Raikin

Omid and Rachel Niknam

In Honor of Rabbi Dov A. Brisman

Diane & David Zwillenberg

 Shira Kupfer

Frederic Brown

Sruli Schwartz

Eli & Tamar Miller

Rabbi & Mrs. J. Levy

In honor of Rabbi Naftoli Eisemann

Rabbi Eliezer Hirsch & Miriam Ort

In honor of the invaluable work of the Philadelphia Community Kashrus

Zev Jacobson

Alan Joffe

In memory of the late Dr. Harold Levenstein. Chaim Ben Shimshom Z”L.

Eliezer Katz

David Chase

~ Pillar 2016~

~ Builder 2016 ~

Dr. and Mrs. David Eckmann

~ Supporter 2016~

Lee Cohen

Zev Jacobson

Belinda Raikin

In honor of Steven & Belinda Raikin & Family

Rabbi Avraham Shmidman

In honor of Rabbi Naftoli Eisemann