Israeli Peppers, Carrots, herbs etc. at Giant, Produce Junction, and many other local stores

As strongly as we urge people to purchase “Israeli” we find it necessary to alert people to the need to purchase only supervised fruits.  A very large percentage of the fruit exported from Israel is “orla” from which no benefit may be derived.  Vegetables that are not supervised are usually “tevel”, which means that the various tithes have not been removed.  Giant and many other stores sell Israeli peppers and other Israeli vegetables – especially during the colder months.   Produce Junction sells herbs and vegetables from Eretz Yisroel.  It is important that you check the case, individual items, and posted notices for the country of origin.  Stores are legally obligated to disclose countries of origin.  Please do purchase vegetables from Eretz Yisroel – it is a mitzvah – and follow the simple instructions that follow to make them permissible to eat.

The following procedure for removing terumos and maasros (the tithes) can only be used on one type of produce at a time, its value must be over about $1.00 (if silver is worth less than $28 per troy ounce).  Please note that the value of silver fluctuates greatly. Please do not follow this procedure for produce of a lesser value, the procedure for produce of a lesser value requires that you have something called a pruta chamura which is difficult to come by outside of Eretz Yisroel.

1) Place the produce in front of you, and do not move it. Remove slightly more than 1% of the produce. For example, if there are 95 tomatoes separate 1 tomato. (If you have 10 carrots break off a piece of a carrot which will be slightly larger than 1/100 of the total.)

2) A coin, which is valid currency in the country in which the redemption is performed, is designated for redemption.

3) Recite: “All separations of terumah and ma’ aser and redemptions of Ma’ aser Sheni and neta revai shall be effected in accordance with the text of the Chazon Ish.”

4) The separated produce (the part which was more than 1%), and the designated coin are wrapped and discarded.

A more thorough explanation is available in our post ( titled: “DIY Teruma and Maaser in 4 Easy Steps”