Check the Label – From the OU – Entenmann’s

From the OU – Entenmann’s   Most of the product line manufactured under the brand Entenmann’s/Bimbo Bakeries is certified O/UD (dairy).  A few items are not certified and do not bear the O/UD symbol.  Consumers should always check each item when purchasing to verify that there is a Kosher symbol on the product.  Just because … Continued

Caveat Emptor – Buyer Beware

Caveat Emptor – Buyer Beware The major Kashrus Agencies take their responsibilities very seriously.  In fact one of the major agencies spent an entire year experimenting with two vegetables to determine the degree of infestation during various seasons of the year, as well as how the source location effected infestation.   Along with our sister … Continued

Will the Real New York Bagel Please Stand Up

Will the Real New York Bagel Please Stand Up New York Bagel Cafe and Deli is a non-kosher bagel store which opened at 4514b City Ave.  In spite of their telling callers that they are kosher they do not have our supervision.  Ham and other non-kosher meats and cheese are featured on their menu.  This … Continued

Shaatnez Alert: Canvas Ugg Shoes

Shaatnez Alert: Canvas Ugg Shoes Linen has been found in CANVAS Ugg shoes that are listed as containing wool.  The vinyl and leather Uggs seem to be fine.  Footwear that contains a mixture of wool and linen normally lists the wool, but not the linen.  Federal regulations do not require the listing of thread and other … Continued

Sweet Peppers / Clementines

Presently Bell Peppers and Clementines from Eretz Yisroel are being sold in the Greater Philadelphia area.  Please check the country of origin of produce before buying.   Citrus, tomatoes, peppers, and herbs are commonly imported from Eretz Yisroel.  The seller is legally obligated to either mark the produce or to post the country of origin. … Continued

Temporary California Infestation Alert

The Kashrus agencies are finding that California leafy vegetables presently have a high level of infestation.  This is caused by recent climate conditions.  Extra care should be taken when cleaning and checking these vegetables.  It will be more difficult to find leafy vegetables with a reliable supervision during the next few weeks.

When Marror is Not Kosher

Most people are aware that Romaine lettuce (which many people use for Marror) must be insect free.   It may be purchased pre-washed and checked, or you may clean and wash it yourself.  Romaine lettuce hearts are relatively clean and not difficult to render insect-free.  I will include my suggestions for cleaning a few common … Continued

Wines, Beers, and other “Hard” Drinks

One of the especially satisfying aspects of my Kashrus work is seeing how the major Kashrus agencies pool their resources and expertise to serve the Kosher consumer.  The major Kashrus agencies belong to AKO, which is an umbrella Kashrus organization.  AKO promotes Kashrus by facilitating the cooperation of the major agencies and supporting the work … Continued