Morah – Let’s Make Challah!

Many teachers make Challah with their students, which they divide and send home.  Does Challah need to be separated?  If the dough is baked before distribution, Challah is separated.  If the teacher does not bake the challah, but sends it home as dough – and no portion of the dough contains the amount of “Challah” (2 lb. … Continued

Dairy Products without a “D” Designation

The most prevalent type of Kashrus mislabeling is the inadvertently dropped Dairy designation.  It is recommended that you check unfamiliar products that have a Kosher Symbol without any Dairy or Parve designation for milk, whey, butter, casein, lactose, and lactic acid (which may be either dairy or parve).  In cases of uncertainty you should feel free to … Continued

Brussel Sprouts / Asparagus and other vegetables

A number of Mashgichim experimented with Brussel Sprouts and asparagus for a year.  They found that wherever they grew and at whichever season Brussel Sprouts were highly infested.  Only Brussel Sprouts grown in an insect free environment should be used.   On the other hand, white asparagus are very clean and may be used without checking.  … Continued

Snapple and Other Soft Drinks

Most Snapple drinks are supervised by the OK.  Please check for the supervision as not all types are supervised – such as cranberry raspberry . Many soft drinks have white grape juice added as a natural sweetener, and some processing equipment in  bottling plants is used for heating unkosher ingredients.  It is important to check … Continued

Shmita Produce – Avoid from… to…-

The Star-K compiled the following list to alert the consumer of the “Shmita-dates” for various forms of Israeli produce.  Produce which is not certified should be avoided during the times listed.   Please do not hesitate to purchase Israeli produce with a reliable kosher certification. Almond (Dry)-Beginning of Sep. 2015-Middle of Sep. 2016 Almond (Green) -Beginning of May 2015-Middle … Continued

Cholov Yisroel / Pas Yisroel

Please note: The teudos (certificates of certification) state if an establishment is “Cholov Yisroel” and/or “Pas Yisroel”.  This can be viewed on the certificate displayed in the establishment as well as on the online certificate.

Israeli Produce – Shmita, Terumos, and Maasros

It is a mitzva and a privilege to support the Israeli economy and to eat the produce of Eretz Yisroel which has many mitzvos attached to it.  During the Shmita year and the following year special caution is required.  During any other years terumot and maasrot must be properly removed.  Those foods which have a reliable hechsher … Continued