Keystone-K Updated Coronavirus status information from the establishments that have reported to us so far.

Keystone-K Updated information from the establishments that have reported to us so far.   We plan to share updates on our web-site with the community regarding the status of our establishments as the information becomes available.  We would appreciate it if our establishments keep us posted so that we can share updated information with the … Continued

Kosher for Pesach 2020 – Tequila

KA Kosher of Mexico KFP Tequila List The following are Kosher for Passover under KA-Kosher (Rav Hamachshir Rav Chaim Cohn shlit”a) no symbol required LIST OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES  APPROVED FOR PESACH 5780   TEQUILA TEQUILA 100% DON EDUARDO BLANCO. TEQUILA ANTIGUO DE HERRADURA BLANCO 100% AGAVE TEQUILA EL JIMADOR BLANCO 100% AGAVE TEQUILA HACIENDA DEL … Continued

New Kashrus Administrator – Rabbi Yonah Gross

Dear Community Members,    On behalf of Community Kashrus of Greater Philadelphia (Keystone-K), we wish a heartfelt Tzeischem L’shalom to Rabbi and Mrs. Eisemann who will be making Aliyah this coming May. Six years ago we engaged Rabbi Eisemann to fill the role of our first full-time Kashrus Administrator. During this time he worked tirelessly to assure … Continued

Pesach Information – (Shopping with your Eyes Wide Open)

1-  Many stores carry products with kitniyos (“legumes”) or egg matzah.  Please check ingredients and follow your custom.  These items are a great convenience for the days before Pesach, as you can give them to your children to eat and you don’t have to worry about them leaving the crumbs around the house.  Even those … Continued

Many Worcestershire sauces contain anchovies.

  Keystone-K: Important information from our sister agencies.  As with all halocha matters, you should turn to your own rabbi for Halocha guidance. From the OU: Many Worcestershire sauces contain anchovies. Is it permissible to add Worcestershire sauce to meat? We noted in the past Halacha Yomis that there is a dispute whether fish is … Continued

Establishments with a Sukka for 5780

Establishments with a Sukka for 5780 The following establishments plan to have a Sukka for the year 5780 (2019).  We do not have the opportunity to inspect each Sukka before the Chag: Hillel – University of Pennsylvania Hillel – Temple University House of Kosher Mikva Israel Sholom Pizzeria  

Keystone-K – Nana’s Kitchen – Narberth – Great News!

Keystone-K – Nana’s Kitchen – Narberth – Great News!   IY”H beginning January 8, 2020 Nana’s Kitchen – Narberth, 109 N Narberth Ave., Narberth, PA, will be be opening at this new location.  Pas Yisroel and Cholov Yisroel.  will be available by request only.                  

Keystone-K Kosher for Passover Establishments

Kosher for Pesach Food Available at Local Establishments The contact information for each establishment can be found under “ESTABLISHMENTS” The following is a list of establishments under Keystone-K supervision that offer Kosher for Pesach items as described.  Unless clearly stated, our supervision is Kosher for Pesach for both Ashkenazim and Sefardim. Savvati Caterers is planning … Continued

Keystone-K – Updated Romaine Lettuce Health Alert & Raw Vegetables

  Kislev 19, 5779 November 27, 2018   The CDC has updated its alert regarding Romaine lettuce.  You may find further information at the following link:   While I cannot accept legal responsibility for the following information, I am sharing it for those people who may find it helpful.   Pos’Tiv and Kosher Gardens … Continued