Something’s Fishy / Snake-oil Salesmen

One of the major modern challenges in the field of Kashrus is that the business world has become more sophisticated and has developed hard to detect means of deception.  While the Kashrus agencies make use of modern technology in the observance of Kashrus, unscrupulous manufacturers make use of modern technology to increase their profits through … Continued


The following are recommended (but not under our supervision) at any Starbucks:  Americano [with paper cup, without “shot” glass], bottled Starbucks drinks with “KD”, Expresso [with paper cup, without “shot” glass], and tea with hechsher [paper cup].  Rav Heinemann of the Star-K researched Starbucks.   Keystone-K disseminates information based upon our own research and that of the national … Continued


According to the joint research of the major Kashrus agencies all Slurpees are kosher and Parve except the following:   Barq’s Brand:  Caffeine-Free Root Beer (kosher only when bearing O/U) The following flavors are kosher – Dairy Fanta :  Banana Split and Pina Colada are both dairy, Cholov Stam) Jolly Rancher:  (Note:  All Flavors are … Continued

Great News! Wynnewood Giant – Two Kosher Bakeries!

Giant Wynnewood has opened a second kosher bakery.  One is Pas Yisroel-Pareve and one is Pas Yisroel-Dairy.  Everything baked at Giant Wynnewood is Pas Yisroel and supervised by the Keystone-K.  High Pas Yisroel standards are in place.  All bread, rolls, bagels, and Challah bread are Pareve.  All other products should be considered Dairy unless the label … Continued

Snapple and Other Soft Drinks

Most Snapple drinks are supervised by the OK.  Please check for the supervision as not all types are supervised – such as cranberry raspberry . Many soft drinks have white grape juice added as a natural sweetener, and some processing equipment in  bottling plants is used for heating unkosher ingredients.  It is important to check … Continued

Cholov Yisroel / Pas Yisroel

Please note: The teudos (certificates of certification) state if an establishment is “Cholov Yisroel” and/or “Pas Yisroel”.  This can be viewed on the certificate displayed in the establishment as well as on the online certificate.

Infestation Policies

The degree and type of infestation depend on the source of the produce and are also seasonal.   The major kashrus organizations communicate with one another in order to remain current.