Pesach Information

1-  Many stores carry products with kitniyos (“legumes”) or egg matzah.  Please check ingredients and follow your custom.  These items are a great convenience for the days before Pesach, as you can give them to your children to eat and you don’t have to worry about them leaving the crumbs around the house.  Even those people who do not eat kitniyos / egg matza on Pesach do not need to sell these products before Pesach.

2- It is advisable to double check that items which you find in the Passover section are actually kosher for Pesach.  Sometimes clerks or customers return similar looking items to the wrong shelf.

3- Check the certification even on familiar products.  Some products are certified by a different agency for Pesach than during the rest of the year.

4- Many Products are sold in the same packaging as they are the rest of the year.  The only difference is the Passover symbol.  Check symbols carefully.

5- Some companies change ingredients just for Pesach, such as leaving out the peas from a soup mix for Pesach – without changing the ingredient listing.   I believe that this is irresponsible and causes much confusion.  If you are concerned about this I suggest that you use your “consumer power” and complain to the supervising agency.