5777 – 2017 – Stores from which Chometz may be purchased after Pesach:

Updated 4/20/2017 based on the latest information shared by the major kashrus agencies.

We have received queries about Target.  As of 4/18/2017 the status of Target has been changed to problematic.

Stores from which Chometz may be purchased after Pesach:

Please read the following carefully to make sure that you don’t miss anything.

Wine and liquor stores in Pennsylvania are owned by the state.  Therefore, “chometz” drinks which have no Kashrus or other concerns may be purchased at Pennsylvania State Stores immediately after Pesach.

Chometz may be purchased at any Keystone-K establishment.  

Supermarkets and national chains are not considered Keystone-K establishments, but follow the following guidelines:  


Chometz may be purchased after Pesach at KFM (Kosher Foods and More), ShopRite Roosevelt Blvd. and the following national chains :  Restaurant Depot, A & L (supplier),  Aldi, Save a Lot, CVS, Rite-Aid, Trader Joes, Walgreens, Walmart, K-Mart, Petco, Petsmart, and BJs, Costcos, Dollar Tree and Whole Foods, Food Lion, Mars, Royal Farms, Sam’s Discount Warehouse, Shopper’s Food Warehouse, Wegman’s Winn-Dixie.

In addition to this the following stores in the Philadelphia area are OK: All Giants of the Ahold Group (this includes all Philadelphia area Giants),  Wawa, and ShopRite Roosevelt Blvd.


Acme Markets now have significant Jewish ownership.  The OU took care of selling the “chometz” for all Acme Markets.


Restaurant Depot’s Chometz was sold by the Chaf-K.  The Chometz at Shoprites and Fresh Grocers is taken care of by Wakefern.   Some people rely on this sale, while some are stringent.  You should ask your rabbi for guidance regarding Restaurant Depot and Jewish owned Wakefern stores.    Roosevelt Blvd. Shoprite is not Jewish owned.


Quick turnover items may be purchased at any major store two weeks after Pesach.  Slower turnover items may be purchased four weeks after Pesach.

Food items which may contain an insignificant amount of Chometz may be purchased at any store after Pesach.