Wine at restaurants / Grocery store confusion / Pidyon HaBen GMACH

Guests may bring their own Mevushal wine to Keystone-K facilities with the Mashgiach’s approval.  The bottle must be closed and sealed.  If the guest wishes to bring a non-Mevushal wine it must be unsealed, opened, and poured by a Mashgiach.


While we expect Keystone-K grocery stores that sell both kosher and non-kosher items to arrange shelves in a manner that avoids customer confusion, we ask the consumer to be vigilant as well.   Occasionally a customer or a new employee returns an item to the incorrect shelf.  Please check labels.


As a public service “GMACH” I have an assortment of silver coins and bars which may be purchased from me (at current value with no mark-up) for the purpose of Pidyon HaBen.   According the the Chazon Ish any combination of coins/bars/etc. that contain a minimum of 100 gm. of pure silver is sufficient.  Some people prefer using 5 coins which are legal tender.  I can help you put together the silver that you would like to use for this purpose.