Kashrus Administrator

Rabbi Yonah Gross
Rabbi Yonah GrossKashrus Administrator
Rabbi Gross has been Kashrus Administrator since May of 2020 when he replaced Rabbi Naftoli Eisemann. Prior to 2020, he had served on the Rabbinic Board for five years.
In addition to his work for the Keystone-K, Rabbi Gross is the Rabbi of Congregation Beth Hamedrosh in Wynnewood and is the Founder of Mezuzah and More which sells and checks Mezuzah, Tefillin and other STa”M items.

Rabbinic Board

Rabbi Avraham Shmidman
Rabbi Avraham ShmidmanThe Lower Merion Synagogue
Rabbi Mordechai Terebelo
Rabbi Mordechai TerebeloCongregation Ahavas Torah
Rabbi Yehoshua Yeamans
Rabbi Yehoshua YeamansCongregation B’nai Israel Ohev Zedek

Remembering Rav Aharon Felder ZT”L

Rav Aaron Felder z”l, was the Rabbi of Congregation B’nai Israel Ohev Zedek for 32 years; a Talmid of Reb Moshe Feinstein z”l, he was a well-known author of several Sifrei Halacha, most notably, his sefer on Aveilus. His members recall with gratitude his commitment to  – and the realization of – building the Northeast Eruv and strengthening Kashrus in Philadelphia.

In his early years in Philadelphia, Rabbi Felder worked with Rabbi Shlomo Caplan of Congregation Beth Hamedrosh in Overbrook Park to form a Community Kashrus Organization. They joined with Rabbi Dov Aaron Brisman and Rabbi Mordechai Terebelo to create Community Kashrus of Greater Philadelphia. Rabbi Felder was elected the organization’s first president. Rabbi Felder devoted a lot of his time to supporting the organization, and researched many complex kashrus issues which helped guide the organization’s policies.

Remembering Rav Dov A. Brisman ZT”L

Rav Dov A. Brisman ZT”L was the Rav of Young Israel of Elkins Park for over 32 years.

A Talmid of R’ Chaim Shmuelevitz, R’ Nochum Percovitz and R’ Shneur Kotler; he was a world renown Halachic authority and teacher. As a prolific writer, he wrote many seforim on topics spanning from Gemara to Halacha and onto Drush.

He served as the Av Beis Din and co-founded the Community Kashrus along with Rabbi Felder ZT”L and Rabbi Terebelo Shilt”a. His Halachic and Torah wisdom, combined with his friendly demeanor and understanding heart has guided the Keystone-K to where it is today.