Will the Real New York Bagel Please Stand Up

New York Bagel Cafe and Deli is a non-kosher bagel store which opened at 4514b City Ave.  In spite of their telling callers that they are kosher they do not have our supervision.  Ham and other non-kosher meats and cheese are featured on their menu.  This store is not connected in any way with the kosher Pas Yisroel NY Bagel at Haverford Ave and City Line.   The Kosher NY Bagel store on Haverford and City Line is supervised by the Keystone-K and displays a kosher – Pas Yisroel – certificate.  It is about three miles to the south of the NY Bagel Cafe and Deli.   It is not legally possible to force the new store to change its name.  People have called the incorrect store, given their credit card numbers and placed orders.  Then they went to the kosher New York Bagel to pick up a non-existent order.  Please make sure to use the correct phone #215-840-6010 and make sure to go to 7555 Haverford Ave. (corner of Haverford Ave. and City Ave.)  Please check our website for up to date kashrus information.