Alert : The O/U does not certify Bill Baron’s Parmesan Panko.  Some products sold at Whole Foods Market bear an unauthorized O/U.

Alert: Mother’s Maid unsweetened Grape Juice is NOT O/U certified.  Some labels bear an unauthorized O/U symbol.

Alert:  Mr. J’s all-in-one 100% Fruit Juice in several flavors bears an unauthorized O/K Kosher symbol.

Many people wonder why does fruit juice need supervision?   While fruit juices may have a number of problematic ingredients, the most prevalent is white grape juice.  White grape juice is one of the most commonly used sweeteners at this time.  It is usually not listed by name, but as “natural sweeteners.  Kosher bottling plants use white grape juice.

Alert: Unger’s Pearled Barley,

Unger’s Pearled Barley – in particular lot #26917 and 62318 have been found to be infested and should not be used without checking the product thoroughly.  (You can check for infestation by spreading the barley out on white paper.)  Measures are being taken to prevent the rampant infestation of the barley.

The risk of infestation is much higher with products that are purchased in small shops.  Most infestation of pasta, raisins, flour, barley, etc. occurs during storage.  National brand products sold at large (clean) supermarkets have a much lower rate of infestation.  It is recommended that you do not stock up at home with products that tend to become infested.  Some people keep their flour and other ingredients that tend to become infested in the freezer.