Keystone-K Alert on behalf of the KOF-K

Kashrus Alert- Unauthorized KOF-K Look-a like

In Important Alerts, Newsletter Items by Yisroel Pollock February 21, 2018

KOF-K has been informed that there is Meat is being sold in South and Central America bearing a symbol that closely resembles KOF-K symbol and is unauthorized and fraudulent. The “look- a like” KOF- K–symbol is prominently displayed on the packaging. The KOF-K is aggressively trying to trace the origin of this meat packer and currently finding it extremely challenging to do so. We are appealing for the public’s help in stopping this fraudulent activity.

If you see this product or any similar looking product, please call Rabbi Yehuda Rosenbaum, KOF-K Administrative Director, at 201 837 1967 IMMEDIATELY with the location of the product so that further action can be taken.


In the meantime, PLEASE HELP US get the word out by forwarding this article on your contacts! Help us prevent anyone from mistakenly eating this not Kosher product!