One of the most common labelling errors is printing the Kashrus symbol without the Dairy designation.  If you have any reason to be suspicious regarding a product please check the ingredients for milk, butter, whey, casein, and lactose.  There is no need for concern about Parve items that contain lactic acid.,


The following products are NOT O/U certified. Some labels  were mistakenly printed with an unauthorized O/U symbol…

Supremo Italiano Mozzarella Cheese (at Restaurant Depot and Jetro)

Kroger brand canned Chopped Collared Greens and Canned Chopped turnip Greens

Hannaford Frozen Spinach

Lazzaroni Amaretti Cookie Snaps

Monarch Canned Fruit Cocktail in Heavy Syrup (contains carmine)

Vienna brand of Hot and Mild Giardiniera, Sport Peppers and Chicago Relish

The following is certified kosher only when bearing the O/U symbol Costco Tilapia Loins currently do not bear an O/U on some packages.  The O/U certifies only those packages that do bear the O/U symbol printed on the label.


Terminated by the O/U Due to Kashrus violations, the O/U and Rabbi Badad have immediately terminated the certification of all products of Fromage Gourmet/CheesePro Products.  These products should NOT be used, even when bearing the O/U and Rabbi Badad’s logos and should be returned for a refund


UMK – Ferrara candies (Lemonheads, Red Hots, Atomic Fireball etc.) that do not bear the UMK (United Mehadrin Kosher) symbol are now manufactured at a non-supervised plant and are NOT acceptable. Each package should be checked for UMK symbol.


Unauthorized O/K certification.

Prince Tahini products from Israel bear an unauthorized O/K symbol on their packaging.  The company website also displays an unauthorized O/K Passover symbol.  These products are NOT certified by the O/K organization.


Unauthorized STAR/K certification.

Terra Delyssa Organic Infused Olive Oils, manufactured in Tunisia, bear an unauthorized Star-K P symbol.  These oils are NOT Star-K certified and are NOT Kosher for Pesach.