O/U: Golpar Dried Mulberries
The O/U does not certify Golpar Dried Mulberries (or any other Golpar brand products).  This product bears an unauthorized O/U.  Consumers who see this product in the marketplace should please contact the O/U Kosher hotline at (212) 613-8241 or on line at kosher@ou.org.

Please note that it is nearly impossible to properly clean mulberries, blackberries, raspberries, and Brussel sprouts of worms and insect infestation.

O/U: Philly Swirl Ices
Due to an error, a non-certified product appears in some boxes of Philly Swirl Cups.  The candy coated spoons are NOT certified by the O/U, yet, the box bears an O/U symbol. Notices were placed inside each box to let consumers know that only the ices are certified Kosher, not the spoons.

Star-K: Peachwave Frozen Yogurt Stores
Please be advised that Peachwave Frozen Yogurt stores are NOT certified by the Star-K.  The use of the Star-K symbol in the stores is unauthorized.