Pringles is in the process of reformulating some of their chips.  Those that are marked OU without a D are Parve (even though the word Parve is not printed).  Those that are marked OUD may be actual Dairy or they may be Dairy Equipment.  If Dairy ingredients are listed such as milk or whey they are Dairy.  If no Dairy ingredients are listed the Pringles are “Dairy-Equipment”.   Parve food prepared on Dairy Equipment may be consumed after a meat meal.  For those that keep Cholov Yisroel it is important to know what your minhog (custom) is regarding Dairy Equipment.  It is also important to know what your minhog (custom) is regarding whey.

The O/U does NOT certify Best Choice Refried Beans.  This product is NOT Kosher.  Some labels bear an unauthorized O/U symbol.

The O/U certifies Earnest Eats Coconut Warrior Oatmeal as an O/UD (dairy) product.  This product contains dairy as indicated in the ingredients and allergens panel.  Some labels bear the O/U symbol, without the “D” (dairy) designation.

The O/U does not certify Royal Fruits Garden Brussels Sprout Halves.  This product bears an unauthorized O/U.  The O/U does certify other Royal Farms products.