Kosher for Pesach Food Available at Local Establishments

The contact information for each establishment can be found under “ESTABLISHMENTS”

The following is a list of establishments under Keystone-K supervision that offer Kosher for Pesach items as described.  Unless clearly stated, our supervision is Kosher for Pesach for both Ashkenazim and Sefardim.

Savvati Caterers is planning to offer a Pesach menu for sale and also “sit down”.  Please watch for details.

Chef Daniel Israel will be offering a non-Gebrachts Pesach menu.

Mikveh Israel is planning to offer a Keystone-K Pesach menu.  All Matza and most other items will be Kosher for Pesach according to both Sefardi and Ashkenazi traditions.  All items that contain Kitniyot (legumes) will be clearly marked “Kitniyot/Sefardi”.  Unless marked Keystone-K Sefardi, all foods will be prepared on non-kitniyot utensils and will be appropriate for use according to both the Sefardi and Ashkenazi traditions.

The universities (Penn, Temple, and Drexel) will offer a Pesach menu under Keystone-K supervision.  Only properly packaged and sealed items are supervised at Drexel.  Once the seals are broken the food is no longer supervised by the Keystone-K.  This applies both during Pesach as well as the rest of the year.

Kosher Crops will produce pre-checked vegetables for Pesach.

Palace Royale will be open for limited business.  They will also provide Kosher for Pesach government program meals.

House of Kosher, Giant Wynnewood & Rockledge (Abington), and Shoprite Roosevelt Blvd. carry many Kosher for Passover items.

We will IY”H keep you informed if additional Keystone-K establishments join the Pesach list.