Due to the complexities of the marketplace products that had a kosher symbol frequently change symbols or drop symbols.  Products that were Parve may change to become Dairy or the reverse.  Some containers of a product may have a kosher symbol, while other containers may have been made in a different plant and may not bear the symbol.  The same company may sell bread that is Pas Yisroel as well as bread that is not Pas Yisroel.   I am aware of cans of vegetable shortening which were sold side by side – some bearing a kosher emblem and some not.  The only difference between the two was the plant of manufacture.  Sometimes a company does a special kosher run.  The equipment is kashered for that run and a mashgiach certifies its Kashrus status.  It is for this reason that kosher consumers must carefully check for reliable kosher certification.

PortSide tuna, which is sold at CVS, may be kosher certified or not, depending on the plant at which the can was manufactured.  Please check for symbols.

The major Kashrus agencies do not certify bread that contains milk.  Most Arnold’s Breads now contain milk and will not be certified any longer by the OU.  Please check Arnold’s Bread for certification.  As of this time Arnold’s Italian Bread is still OU Parve.   If the community would like Arnold to continue to produce Parve breads it is advisable to call the bakery at 800-984-0989 and express how important this is to the kosher consumer.  Please use our web-site for up to date Kashrus information.