Pas Yisroel – Jewish Baked Goods

Rosh HaShona 5779

Sources Yoreh Deah 112, Orach Chaim and Mishna Brura 242, 422/423, Orchos Chaim l’ha’Rash


During the Aseres Yimai Teshuva, between Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur, there is a widespread mihhag that even people that do not eat Pas Yisroel during the rest of the year try to eat exclusively Pas Yisroel.  We will use this opportunity to elaborate on the related Halachos and Minhagim.


Kosher bread and other baked goods can be divided into three categories:


Pas Nochrim – baked by a non-Jewish homeowner for private use.  The rabbis prohibited us from eating these baked goods, even if they are 100% kosher.  The reason for this decree is that we must maintain our identity.  It is especially important to reinforce our identity when our non-Jewish neighbors are friendly and upright individuals.  This is not G-d forbid intended to denigrate other human beings, but rather to preserve our religious identity.


Pas Paltar – baked by a non-Jewish baker for commercial purposes.  Due to the importance of baked goods the rabbis did not prohibit baked goods that are 100% kosher if they were baked by non-Jews for commercial purposes.   If Jewish baked goods are readily available of similar quality and price we should purchase exclusively Pas Yisroel.


Pas Yisroel – A Jewish person has participated in the baking process.  For example – the oven was lit or the heat was raised by an (observant) Jewish person.


On weekdays Pas Yisroel should be used – if readily available – for a similar price and equal quality to Pas Paltar.


On Shabbos and Yom Tov it is appropriate to be stringent and use exclusively Pas Yisroel if possible – even if it is somewhat more expensive.


During the Aseres Yimai Teshuva, between Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur, Pas Yisroel should be used if possible.  We are not G-d forbid trying to “fool” HaShem into thinking that we are more righteous than we are, after all we may have Pas Paltar in our cupboards waiting for after Yom Kippur.  Rather, we are demonstrating our awareness of the extra holiness of these days.



The following Keystone-K establishments are always Pas Yisroel.  Other establishments carry many Pas Yisroel items (check labels and/or inquire).  Further information may be found on our website



Best Cake Kosher Bakery

Espresso Cafe & Sushi Bar

Giant Wynnewood – store bakery

Giant Huntingdon Valley – store bakery [Kosher Dept. only]

H & E Cohen Catering

Homemade Goodies by Roz

House of Kosher – everything made in the store

Kosher in Philly Catering (At Mikveh Israel)

Mama’s Vegetarian

Moore Bakery

New York Bagel

Rollings, The Bakery

Shalom Pizzeria

Shevy’s Babka Paradise

ShopRite’s “Kosher on the Blvd.” – store bakery [Kosher Dept. only]

Star of David Kosher Grill – (ask about the wraps which are usually Pas Yisroel)


Ksiva v’Chasima Tova