Many people wonder why a vegan or a fish restaurant needs supervision.  While it is true that vegan (and fish) restaurants have less kashrus concerns than other eateries, they still have very significant areas of concern for the Kosher consumer.

  1. Did an observant Jew turn on the fire?
  2. Was Israeli produce (very common at higher end establishments) tithed properly?
  3. Are Israeli fruits which are classified as “orla” (first three years) served?  This is very common.
  4. Were fruits and vegetables appropriately cleaned and checked to ascertain that they are not infested with worms and insects?
  5. Do drinks contain non-kosher grape-juice listed as natural juices or sweetener?
  6. Is grape vinegar being used?
  7. Are the oils used kosher?
  8. If Jewish owned – is Challah separated? are utensils taken to a Mikva? Was food prepared on Shabbos?

Additional concerns if fish / milk / cheese is served –

  1. Are only kosher species of fish served?
  2. Even if the owner believes that all the fish is kosher it may not be.  The United States government has found trough fish DNA testing that a very large percentage of fish is mislabeled.
  3. Are cheeses kosher?
  4. How about ingredients that have unfamiliar names?  They may come from swine, beavers, cats, non-kosher beef, or insects.
  5. What is the kosher status of the utensils?