Purchasing Chametz After Pesach
In addition to the prohibitions of eating and owning chametz during Pesach, there is an additional prohibition of benefitting from chametz that was owned by a Jew during Pesach. This is known as chametz she’avar alav haPesach. A more thorough discussion of this prohibition by Rav Yona Reiss can be found here.

This prohibition does not apply to all products that are prohibited on Pesach. For a detailed list of what products this prohibition applies to see here.

Quick turnover items, such as bread and cake, may be purchased at any major store two weeks after Pesach (Monday, April 19).  Slower turnover items, such as hard pretzels and pasta, may be purchased four weeks after Pesach (Monday, May 3).

Food items that only contain kitniyos (“legumes”) may be purchased at any store immediately after Pesach.

The following supermarkets have been approved for purchasing chametz immediately following Pesach. This list is evolving and it is possible that more stores will be added.

All Keystone-K certified Establishments. This includes the rest of the supermarket that contains Keystone-K kosher sections (Giant – Wynnewood, Giant Huntington Pike, House of Kosher, and ShopRite on the blvd.)

7-Eleven (City Ave. 2X)     Acme
Big Lots
Dollar Tree
Food Lion
Giant (in Philadelphia Region)
Rita’s (City Ave., Elkins Park & Grant Ave.)         Rite-Aid
Royal Farms
Sam’s Club
Shopper’s Food Warehouse
Save a Lot
Trader Joe’s
Whole Foods.
Target – Frozen Food should not be purchased for 4 weeks after Pesach. Non-Frozen Food and all food in the Kosher section is permitted to purchase immediately after Pesach.

Amazon – is publicly traded and does not use a Jewish supplier. However, they also serve a distributor for many Jewish-owned companies.
If the product says, “ships from and sold by Amazon …” (under the ‘buy now’ button), it is fine.  If it is sold by a third party, as many Chometz items are, its status is unknown.