Many teachers make Challah with their students, which they divide and send home.  Does Challah need to be separated?  If the dough is baked before distribution, Challah is separated.  If the teacher does not bake the challah, but sends it home as dough – and no portion of the dough contains the amount of “Challah” (2 lb. 10 oz.) no Challah is separated.  If a teacher wants to teach about the taking of Challah she should make it clear by the wording she uses that this is an educational experience.  She could say, “And this is the way the Mommy takes Challah.  She takes a piece like this and says, ‘This is Challah’, Then she says the brocha… (omit Hashem’s actual Name.)”

Please note that the laws of “Challah” apply to all types of baked items made with the 5 grains.