Our fellow AKO member, Star-K of Baltimore, sent out the following alert dated – July 13, 2018.

As many people have been making use of the Star-K list regarding Starbucks we are sharing the Star-K update.  The status of any particular Starbucks may vary.  It is recommended that you follow the guidance of your own rabbi in regard to Starbucks as well as in all other matters of halocha.

Please be advised that Starbucks has decided to end the expanded STAR-K Kosher information program


Consumers are advised that effective immediately the STAR-K can no longer vouch for the kashrus of many of the items previously listed as recommended at these stores.


Items no longer approved include Frappuccinos, Mocha, and Caramel Sauce.


All recommendations for unflavored coffee are still the same.


Our webpage has been updated to reflect these changes. We urge consumers to visit the STAR-K Starbucks list at https://www.star-k.org/articles/kosher-lists/1709/starbucks/


In addition, Starbucks has also decided to end the kosher-friendly store program which was available in select stores in NY and NJ.