Updated 4/16/2020 based on the latest information shared by the major Kashrus agencies.  Please visit this site to check for updates.

Where Chometz May be Purchased after Pesach

Please use our web-site https://keystone-k.org/category/pesach/ to keep up to date.

We would appreciate it if you restrict your purchases to the following list.  Even though there may be other stores that are acceptable, it is very difficult to research individual stores.

Ownership of companies and supply chains constantly change.  Please do not rely on information from past years regarding from which establishments it is permissible to purchase Chometz after Pesach.


If the product says, “ships from and sold by Amazon …”, it is fine.  If it is sold by a third party, as many Chometz items are, its status is unknown.

Stores from which Chometz may be purchased after Pesach:

Wine and liquor stores in Pennsylvania are owned by the state.  Therefore, “chometz” drinks which have no Kashrus or other concerns may be purchased at Pennsylvania State Stores immediately after Pesach.  Retail outlets that sell wine and beer and beer stores are not “State Stores”.  Bourbon from the Sazerac Distillery is questionable because of distillation and aging under Jewish ownership.  You can go onto the Sazerac website to see which brands of Bourbon they produce.

Chometz may be purchased at any Keystone-K establishment.

Supermarkets and national chains are not considered Keystone-K establishments, but follow the following guidelines:

Chometz may be purchased after Pesach at House of Kosher (HOK), ShopRite Roosevelt Blvd. and ShopRite on Levick St., and  Giants of the Ahold Group (this includes all Philadelphia area Giants – suburbs included). This does not apply to Giants in other areas of the country which are under different ownership.

Chometz may be purchased after Pesach from:

A & L (a wholesale supplier), Aldi, Big Lots, BJs, CVS,  Costco, Dollar Tree, Food4Less, Food Lion, K-Mart, Petco, Petsmart,  Rite-Aid, Royal Farms,  Sam’s Club, Shopper’s Food Warehouse, Save a Lot, Trader Joe’s, Walgreens, Walmart, Wawa, Wegman’s,  and Whole Foods.

Acme Markets now have significant Jewish ownership.  The OU took care of selling the “chometz” for all Acme Markets.  Therefore, one can shop at all Acme Markets immediately after Pesach.

Quick turnover items (like bread, cake, and bagels) may be purchased at any major store two weeks after Pesach.  Slower turnover items (like hard pretzels and pasta) may be purchased four weeks after Pesach.

Food items which may contain kitniyos (“legumes”) or an insignificant amount of Chometz may be purchased at any store after Pesach.