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Council of Orthodox Rabbis of Greater Detroit


Costco has introduced a new line of meat from Tomer Kosher Foods which is certified by Triangle K and Rabbi Elimelech Lebowitz. Please note that this meat is non-glatt and is not recommended. (Although Rabbi Lebowitz’s symbol resembles that of Rabbis Kook and Rubin of Israel, there is no relationship.)  This meat is also being sold in Wegman’s.   For an in depth explanation of “Glatt” in the USA, please see our Divrei Torah/Halocha sections.


Chicago Rabbinical Council

Water Urns and Pump Pots

In Important AlertsNewsletter Items by Yisroel Pollock October 19, 2016

Water Urns and Pump Pots
The cRc is in the process of researching whether one may add cold water to hot water urns and pump pots on Yom Tov. A number of these devices claim that it is permitted to add water, and thus far, our testing has shown that – in certain devices – this claim is not accurate. We recommend that cold water should not be added to any urn or pump pot on Yom Tov, absent a contrary ruling from one’s local Halachic Authority.