V-Coffee on Shabbos

A new way of manufacturing instant coffee is becoming popular.  Coffee produced in this manner is touted as tasting better and being healthier.  The process for producing “V-Coffee” does not involve any pre-cooking  of all the coffee powder, but rather, air-roasting and grinding a portion of the powder.   It is roasted by a process similar to making air popped popcorn.  Due to the fact that a portion of this coffee is not pre-cooked, using it on Shabbos poses a halachic question, as there is a question if re-cooking an item that was baked or roasted is permissible in a “kli-sheni” (second vessel).  As always, everyone should follow the guidance of their own rabbi.  My recommendation is to use “irui kli-sheni”  (pouring from a second vessel).   This is the procedure: pour from the kettle into a cup, put the V-coffee into a dry cup, then pour the hot water into the second cup.