From the OU – Entenmann’s


Most of the product line manufactured under the brand Entenmann’s/Bimbo Bakeries is certified O/UD (dairy).  A few items are not certified and do not bear the O/UD symbol.  Consumers should always check each item when purchasing to verify that there is a Kosher symbol on the product.  Just because some of that product line is certified, does not necessarily mean that every product made by that company has Kosher certification.  Some companies have more than one plant producing the same product.  Some plants may be certified and some may not.  It is for this reason that the Kashrus agencies urge the consumer to check labels for supervision.


From the Keystone-K


Please make sure to check your purchases for appropriate supervision even when shopping in the Kosher section of a store.   Customers may pick up a non-kosher item and inadvertently put it down in the kosher section.  In addition, sometimes employees who replace returned items put them back in the wrong place.  This is especially common with Passover items that look similar to year-round items.  This happens even when Mashgichim and management practice due diligence.  If you notice such an error at a store under our supervision please notify the Mashgiach in charge or a manager.  I would appreciate being notified at as well.